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Automobile repairingIn the second quarter of 2023, there were nearly 234,700 auto repair and maintenance centers in the United States, up 0.9 percent from the previous year. More than 13,000 establishments have entered the industry since the second quarter of 2010–2023.

The service and repair industry in the United States has as long a history as the automotive industry itself. In America, everything is settled and sorted, like a tool in the closet of an accurate car mechanic: there are services for new cars where they give a “substitution” of the same class, or you can contact an express service station (something like fast food restaurants) or private workshop. Each segment has its pros and cons. At the same time, the Americans once and for all solved the painful problems of emergency situations (like car theft by drunk service employees and damage to cars in the absence of the owner) and warranty repairs.

In the United States, it is not a problem to buy a car - they are inexpensive, customers are offered tempting lending and leasing programs. But maintenance is expensive. Where do car owners go when it's time to change the oil or something began to knock in the suspension?

There are three main segments in America. The first is a new car dealer, that is, a service where fresh cars that are under warranty are serviced. The middle level is express car service networks. The third segment is occupied by private service stations.

3 main segments in car repair

Car Repair 1 - With warranty service, everything is more or less clear. We can say that this is a premium segment. Dealer stations are staffed by certified mechanics who specialize in repairing certain brands of vehicles. Everything is shiny, the employees are in uniform. Customers are provided with a similar car for the period of repair or maintenance. For example, if he arrived in a Mercedes S-Class, then in return he will receive a minimum of a Mercedes E-Class. The Americans are all pragmatic and a lot depends on money - the level of respect the dealer has for you as well. If you left a lot of money, get the appropriate service: they will offer you a cappuccino and a replacement car will be quickly found.

In the case when there are no cars left in the service garage, the station rents a car from a partner - a vehicle rental company. Of course, you have to pay for all this pleasure. An hour of work at a new car dealer service station is charged from $100 and up.

2 - The most interesting is the middle segment, in which large networks of service stations operate. They are comparable to fast food restaurants. There are many such stations, everything is geared towards quick customer service. The most striking examples are Sears and Pep Boys. These are large companies, which include a network of hypermarkets (selling auto parts, accessories, etc.) and car services. There is one significant “but”: such service stations are engaged in “light” repairs and maintenance. Change filters, oil, brake pads - please! But no one will troubleshoot the box or motor. Complex repairs are not about them.

Also, don't expect good service from a new car dealer - you're unlikely to be offered a replacement car. Rather, they will invite you to a relaxation room with free coffee and a TV. At the same time, they try to carry out maintenance and repairs as quickly as possible - in the presence of the client.

3 - Finally, the third level is private service stations. If a new car dealer has one service within a radius of 50 miles, then small stations are literally at every turn. Typically, such a business is opened by employees of just dealer services who have worked in the field, gained experience and saved up money for their workshop. Often the situation at private stations is more than modest - one or two lifts, a cabinet with tools and an office desk right there. It is naive to count on a replacement car; at best, they will give you a lift to the nearest car rental company. But the cost of maintenance is significantly lower than that of the officials - $ 60-70 per hour of work.

US automotive repair sector forecasts

Auto RepairThere are many sectors in the U.S. automotive repair industry. Routine services such as oil changes, tire repair, and air conditioning, as well as non-routine services such as rust-proofing and exterior painting are all considered part of the repair industry. Forecasts indicate that body, paint, and interior repair revenues could grow in recent years. Other sectors are also projected to grow over time as well. On the other hand, the total revenue generated by the automotive exhaust system repair sector is expected to be lower than that of the paint and exterior sectors.

Car Repair

Car RepairIn the United States, a system of reviews about car services is very developed. Therefore, the struggle for the client is ongoing. Reputation is everything. If there are negative reviews about you, no one will come. This is the foundation of the auto business in the United States.

However, it is not always possible to get to the service on the same day. Sometimes you have to wait a week or two. There are pre-registration, queues, etc. Any, even a small service station, as a rule, has its own suppliers, discounts, etc.

Spare parts are guaranteed, but the services of auto repair workers are insured. Sometimes it is easier for a service station to fix a poor-quality repair at your own expense than to contact an insurance company. In a word, everyone is trying to eliminate the error without shifting the responsibility to the client. Again, reputation is key. Receiving negative feedback inevitably affects customers, and therefore, profitability.

However, this is still not enough. In order to minimize financial risks, insurance was involved in the United States. Not a single service station can be opened if there is no policy. Moreover, it applies both to the station itself and to the machines that are located there.

In addition, each auto repair shop has a special number, they are called repair towing. It is enough to install it on the car, and the insurance will cover the damage. That is, in the event of an accident during a test drive after repair, compensation will be paid. Usually it covers a little more than the market value of the car, which is a kind of apology for the inconvenience.

No one dares to open a service station without insurance - too big a risk. Illegal garage service in the United States is absent as a class. In this country, they have learned to value their time: it is easier to take care of your direct duties and, while your car is being serviced, earn money spent on consumables and mechanic services.

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